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Soft particles require a gentle milling process - Powtech 2019 insights

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Talking about micronization of biological cells at Powtech 2019

Powtech 2019 was a big success for Superfine: An opportunity to explain what we are doing, and get exposed to the professional community.

We had a great privilege, to present our technology at the food & chemistry expert forum.

We presented our sucsessful application for micronization of biological cells as a pre-extraction process.

There are whole new fields where common size-reduction technologies are simply not applicable. We have received many visits from experts in the food and biotech industry who were not even aware of the concept of jet milling, simply because the existing technologies are not targeted at this segment of industry.

This has confirmed my assumption that Superfine’s ability to perform milling of soft and delicate products is one of the most important attributes of the technology.

In one of my next blog posts, I will address the added the value of micronization to the biotech and nutraceutical industries. Stay tuned!

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