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Superfine LTD was established in 1996, based on the research of Dr Yan Beliavsky, a physicist expert in gas flow. His research focused on a special gas flow regime known as Vortex – the type of flow that creates tornado storms. The application for powder milling was found to be extremely effective.  Hence, Superfine has literally harnessed the power of tornado for powder milling.

Superfine started to manufacture micronizers for the food and mineral industries, as well as running its own processing lines for nutrients and special products. Later, pharmaceutical systems, including potent and sterile line were developed. Today, the most demanding micronization processes are performed on industrial scale, many of which could never be implemented by any other technology.  The company IP is secured by several patents.

Superfine is located in Kidmat-Galil industrial zone, overlooking the Sea of Galilea in North of Israel. 




Amram Eitan – CEO

Amram holds a B.Sc. in Economics and Social Sciences from Bar Ilan University, and an MBA from the Tel-Aviv university in Israel. He served for 35 Years in the IDF as an Ordinance officer, and retired as a Brig. General. Amram’s management experience includes leadership of companies in Israel and the USA, in the fields of metal production and machine parts manufacturing. Amram leads Superfine since 1996.

Dr. Yan Beliavsky, Executive Director R&

Dr. Yan Beliavsky – 

Executive Director R&D

Yan holds a PhD in physics from State University, Minsk, Belarus. Then he headed an R&D department in the Minsk Nuclear research institute for 20 years. His expertise in gas flow and heat transfer led him to develop the vortex concept, on which the company was founded in 1996. Yan holds 6 patents in the fields of vortex flow and heat transfer in gas flow.


Mr. Leonid Zisman – 

VP Operation

Leonid is a mechanical engineer, with MSc degree from the Technical University in Mogilov, Belarus. Leonid has over 30 years of experience in the field of design, development, management and administration. He has designed all Super Fine mills, took part in installation and running tens of mills and micronization lines at customer’s sites.

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Guy Samburski – 

VP Business development

Guy holds an MSc in chemical engineering from the Technion – technical institute in Israel, an an MBA from the Herzliya interdisciplinary center. He has worked for Teva Pharmaceuticals for 22 years in the fields of solid state technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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