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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our special added value in micronization of Active Pharmaceutical ingredients is:

  • Specifications of d(0.9)<5 microns are consistently obtained

  • Only one pass in the mill is required, where other micronizers need two or more passes (sometimes with cryogenic feed). The result is particles with better surface properties, less aggregating and better flowing.

  • Lower air consumption compared to other micronizers implies lower installation and operating costs.


We successfully micronize Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient For challenging applications on full commercial scale:

  • Blood-pressure lowering agent- extremely sticky and non-flowing API

  • Cholesterol lowering drug – d(0.9) of 5 microns is consistently achieved in one pass

  • Corticosteroid: Inhalation grade with narrow spec for mean particles of about 2 microns

  • Long acting beta-adrenoceptor agonist(LABA) and Long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA): Inhalation grade of poor-flowing material with d(0.9) under 3 microns.


The system conforms to gmp, can be designed to handle potent materials and can be operated in aseptic conditions.

Cardio Vascular agent –

d(10)=0.44    d(50)=0.774   d(90)=1.632 


New generation anti diabetic agent –

d(10)=0.798    d(50)=1.658   d(90)=3.085


Severe metabolic disorder treatment agent –

d(10)=1.126    d(50)=2.503   d(90)=4.902


Corticosteroid –

d(10)=0.68    d(50)=1.234   d(90)=1.936


Bronchodilator –

d(10)=0.404    d(50)=0.986   d(90)=2.697


Amino Acid –

d(10)=1.051    d(50)=3.627   d(90)=8.946

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