Unique partnership model


At SuperFine, we believe that micronation is a unique process that requires long-term commitment and support. Therefore, we offer a unique partnership model to support our clients – we offer to rent our systems rather than buy them.



  • Capital: No significant capital investment, particularly when compared to purchasing a new mill.

  • Flexibility:

    • Based on type and capacity of the milled material our rental model could be based on a fee par quantity – you milled you pay or a simple fixed annual fee, regardless of how many products/tons the client manufactures.

    • Furthermore, client can terminate the rental and return the mill at any point in time.

    • If client wants to convert the system to a new product, we will perform the process development (including system modifications if needed) at no extra charge.

  • 360° support:

    • Our service includes Training, initial setup and running of the machine. Trouble shooting and process improvements are integral part of our commitment.

    • Customization is our standard: milling chamber’s internal geometry, structure materials and surface finish are tailored for customer’s needs and are easily interchangeable.


  • Commitment to results – By signing a leasing agreement we committed to the milling results and take responsibility make sure the customer get the powder quality as agreed upon.

  • Compact mobile demonstration unit for potent products.


SuperFine’s responsibilities 

  1. To provide a dedicated mill that meets your requirements above, in terms of quality and capacity.

  2. To provide all necessary technical support to set up a milling line that includes our mill.

  3. To participate in the first run of the milling line, ensuring stabilization of its operation

  4. Supply all necessary technical and operational instructions

  5. Train the operators

  6. To provide technical service for the duration of the leasing contract, i.e. not only for the first year but for as long as the renewed contract is in place.