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Iron Powder


Superfine’s milling technology delivers a product of superior quality compared to other milling technologies:


Consistent powders under 5 microns

While PSD smaller than 5 microns is the limit for standard jet-mills (often requires multiple millings), The Superfine system will micronize to this range and even less in one pass providing a robust process.

Narrow Particle Size Distribution

The centrifugal forces created by the Super Fine’s mill are utilized to remove particles that have achieved the right size from the milling chamber. Eventually, all the product has a relatively low variance in particle size.

“Soft Milling”

Since our technology micronizes the material with no particle acceleration and collisions, there is minimum influence on the material’s characteristics. Trauma such mechanical impact or heat are avoided. In Super-Fine’s Technology there is NO increase of amorphous content. Sensitive chemicals and natural products can be micronized.


We can provide GMP systems for pharmaceutical applications. Potent materials and aseptic can also be handled.

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