Compared to other types of air-jet mills and mechanical mills, the SuperFine mill produces a minimal impact force on the material. Therefore, polymers and other soft materials can be micronized to less than 10 microns without need to freeze the material or use cryogenic milling. We have micronized at room temperature:

Ultem (Polyetherimide) –

d(10)=1.7 d(50)=9.35 d(90)=17.2

Oxidized Polyethylene –

d(10)=6.54  d(50)=19.2  d(90)=38.2

Lutrol (Polyoxymethylene) –

d(10)=6.4  d(50)=16.452  d(90)=31.87

Styrene red  –

d(10)=1.14  d(50)=6.68  d(90)=13.7

Polysolfone  –

d(10)=2.48  d(50)=6.94  d(90)=12.8

Polyester –

d(10)=3.12  d(50)=10.2  d(90)=22.4

PPS Resin –

d(10)=7.85  d(50)=13.1  d(90)=21.8