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Introducing the micronization academy!

Your place to hear from experts about the tips and tricks that make a perfect powder.

The Webinars are short, focused and presented by our experienced team.

Compressed air for micronization

16th December 2021

Compressed air drives the micronization process. The properties  and quality of air are key success factors.

In our last webinar for 2021 we will learn how to select the type of air, what are the best compressors, and how to ensure the product quality is maintained. 


This session is for everyone who is using micronizers or responsible for their installation and maintainance as well.

Leonid Zisman- presenter

Leonid is the COO of Superfine,  responsible for design and manufacturing of micronization systems. He also manages Superine's contract micronization facility.

With mechanical engineering background and over 25 years of experience,  hundreds of micronization projects were conducted under his supervision for the Pharma, food and fine chemicals industries.

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