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Economy And Efficiency

SuperFine’s milling technology can significantly reduce milling costs:

No pre-milling required

Clog-free feeding mechanism does not utilize a Ventury ejector. It is possible to feed particles of up to 3 mm.



In standard air-jet mills, material needs to pass few times in order to achieve small P.S.D. Mullti-milling is a time consuming and un-efficient process which reduces yield. 

Superfine can handle particles up to 5 microns and micronize them in one pass to 5 microns, providing a milling efficiency ratio of 1:800. 

Air pressures of 6 bars or less are used. 

Clog-free operation


The Vortex mill feed tube is 10 mm in diameter or even more. No Venturi injector is required. Due to the low air speeds applied, sticking and layer-buildup is far less than in standard jet mills. Sticky and soft substances can often be processed without cryogenic milling.

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