Ceramic powders are hard and erosive. Since particle velocity in our system is low, the wearing of the micronizer is minimized, enabling to use micronizer made of metal. The result is a lower-cost machine that reliably operates for long periods. Example for products micronized with SuperFine to a mean particle size of 2-4 microns:

Alumina –

d(10)=1.01  d(50)=2.41  d(90)=5.04

Boron Carbide –

d(10)=1.27  d(50)=3.75  d(90)=9.2   Silicon-Carbide

Silicon Carbide –

d(10)=1.14 d(50)=2.42 d(90)=4.6

Tungsten Carbide –

d(10)=0.12 d(50)=0.96 d(90)=2.17

Zirconia  –

d(10)=0.81 d(50)=2,27  d(90)=4.9

Tungsten Oxide –

d(10)=0.14 d(50)=0.3 d(90)=1.62