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Superfine’s Vortex mill is a particle processing system providing answer to the need of Micronization of large variety of materials - including those that require special care, like proteins, ceramics and pigments. Superfine micronizes powders to less than 5 microns in one pass. 

Micronization, re-invented



Superfine micronises a large variety of materials to a particle size of less than 5 microns – even the toughest and most challenging ones like protein, yellow pigment, semi-dried natural products or API's for inhalation.



Micronization in one pass – no multiple handling of material

Milling ratio of 1:800 – no pre milling necessary.

No Venturi injector, no clogging. Particles up to 3 mm can be fed.



The Vortex mill can be tailor made, customized for any material milling needs.

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